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We are a non-profit publisher specializing in Bible curriculum. For over fifty years, we’ve helped teachers and students discover God in His Word. Learn more

Our Mission

We equip Bible teachers to magnify the majesty of God.


We believe that God grows His children through face-to-face contact with teachers like you.


We see Scripture as more than just a map or rulebook—it is the story of God's glory.

Why Choose Our Curriculum?

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Other Curriculum

Bible is a subject that can be easily overlooked in schools. Many curriculum options are shallow how-to manuals of arbitrary do's and don’ts. Some only teach Bible stories, history, or facts about the Bible. Others add fluffy applications to Scripture that miss the context and struggles of the people in the Bible.

Our Approach

We offer a wide selection of PreK–12 Bible curricula that reveal God’s majesty to students and provide ways for them to read, process, and respond to Scripture. We believe in creating a curriculum that engages students to desire to know God and to see how wonderful and awe-inspiring He truly is. This doesn’t mean we avoid facts or history. Instead, we focus on how God reveals Himself through culture, context, people, and history.

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Our curriculum supports teachers by giving them organized and insightful content with helpful lesson strategies, discussion questions, and presentations. We also encourage teachers to engage their students to grow in the classroom.

Student Manual

The Student Manual encourages students to dive into Scripture with full-color and engaging design, exercises, and application sections. It also features vocabulary, thought-provoking questions, and a focus on God's character revealing how awesome and wonderful He is.

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This is a typical lesson from our 4th-grade Elementary curriculum.

Teacher's Manual

The Teacher's Manual provides lesson overviews and vocabulary. The session notes include discussion questions and helpful prompts that give the teachers flexibility to share personal examples from their own lives. We hope to build a relationship between teachers and students that promotes learning, growing, and magnifying God.

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This is a typical lesson from our 4th-grade Elementary curriculum.

See for Yourself

Download a sample of the Student Manual.


Student Manual

Download a sample of the Teacher's Manual


Teacher's Manual

Look over the scope & sequence for Building Life Castles.


Scope & Sequence

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