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We are a non-profit publisher specializing in Bible curriculum. For over fifty years, we’ve helped teachers and students discover God in His Word. Learn more

Our Mission

We equip Bible teachers to magnify the majesty of God.


We believe that God grows His children through face-to-face contact with teachers like you.


We see Scripture as more than just a map or rulebook—it is the story of God's glory.

How Our Curriculum Works

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Stand on Scripture

The Bible is God’s self-revelation, so we encourage students to abide in His Word. There the Spirit shows us His character, His work, and the image of His Son, Jesus.

Stay Organized

We want to provide you the tools needed to maintain a healthy and fruitful learning environment. Our teacher resources include objectives, strategies, discussion questions, presentations, and other materials to encourage and challenge your students.

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Learn Together

We believe that discipleship depends on the student-teacher relationship. Our studies weave independent learning with teacher-assisted discussion to guide students through the Word. As teachers and students explore God’s truth together, they will better understand His thoughts and ways.

Engage Students

Our student manuals offer ways to read, process, and respond to Scripture. Students can tackle a variety of activities that encourage retention, understanding, application, and analysis.

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Apply Truth

We study the Bible for more than mere knowledge. We want students to truly know God, walk with the Spirit, and reflect Christ. Each study challenges students to respond to the gospel and personalize biblical principles.

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