How Do Curriculum Previews Work?

Positive Action Bible Curriculum, Jan. 15, 2024
How Do Curriculum Previews Work?

Interested in using Positive Action Bible Curriculum in your school next year, but want to make sure that it fits your school? Positive Action offers preview copies to allow your school's administration and faculty to review our curriculum before deciding what to order for your teachers and students.

Why are previews helpful?

Previews give schools the opportunity to closely examine and consider our curriculum.

We customize each preview order by exploring each school's academic and spiritual goals, availability of technology, and class scheduling, so you can see how our curriculum can equip each school to magnify God in the classroom.

What do previews include?

Preview copies include 1 Student Manual and 1 Teacher’s Manual of each requested study of our curriculum. For each preview, we also provide Extra Resource digital samples and Scope and Sequences. We also offer an optional 30-minute virtual meeting where we explain our curriculum's approach, features, and mission and answer any questions the school staff may have.

Who can request previews?

Both new and current customers can request preview copies. Please note that preview copies are not available to homeschools or individuals.

How do you get previews?

Schools or churches may request previews three different ways:


Previews allow schools to see exactly what they would be using in the classroom if they adopt Positive Action Bible Curriculum. With our "try before you buy" approach, you can get a hands-on preview of our materials for 60 days without paying for shipping. And our return policy also includes free shipping, which makes returning materials easy.

Note: We will send previews of the studies that have a teacher and student manual, but we do not send previews of Christian Growth, HotShots, etc.

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