A Humdrum Life of Faith

Brent Niedergall, Aug. 19, 2021
A Humdrum Life of Faith

Of prominent Bible figures, Isaac has always struck me as one of the more humdrum ones. Sandwiched between fellow patriarchs Abraham and Jacob, he’s principally known for being the young man God commanded Abraham to sacrifice and the old man Jacob tricked. In between those two experiences, Scripture records what we might call a fairly vanilla life. He got married, had some kids, moved around, got rich, sought some wells, and built an altar to the Lord. It all sounds fairly uneventful. And yet, unobtrusive Isaac is a Hebrews 11 exemplar of faith (see Heb. 11:20). He’s one of the Patriarchs, one of Israel’s key ancestors. Despite a seemingly boring life, his lasting contribution was trusting God’s promise to multiply his offspring.

Our third grade study, Growing with God, includes material on Isaac, along with Abraham, Sarah, Jacob, Joseph, Ruth, and Daniel. But it doesn’t include an entire weeklong lesson on him. There’s not even an entire class-length session devoted to teaching about Isaac’s life. He’s overshadowed by others, although he’s no less significant or faithful. And I submit his ho-hummedness as a lesson to us. Most of us will probably do less than he did. Our life experiences are often plainer than the generic vanilla ice cream at the discount grocery store. But our testimonies need not be characterized by any less faith in God than Isaac demonstrated.

Growing with God challenges students to grow in their faith like Isaac, his parents, and others. And the stories of these Bible characters, with their own share of exciting and less-than-exciting experiences, will challenge third graders to follow God’s intended pattern of trusting His Word and loving Him. Consider using this study for your third grade Bible curriculum needs.

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