New Devotional: Meaning for Your Labor

Positive Action for Christ, June 30, 2023
New Devotional: Meaning for Your Labor

Meaning for Your Labor is now available!

We are happy to offer a new devotional on the Book of Ecclesiastes. Meaning for Your Labor is a 180-day devotional that explains the meaning of Ecclesiastes while offering encouragement and practical application. This book is the latest installment in a devotional series that also includes 180-day devotionals on Psalms and Proverbs.

Many Christians believe that Solomon has a pessimistic view of life in Ecclesiastes, but Solomon’s message is both fulfilling and energizing. Consider the Book of Ecclesiastes as God’s guide to embrace genuine meaning and purpose.

Life can certainly feel meaningless, but true meaning is found when we fear God—humbly submitting to His perfect, sovereign will. We, like Solomon, see the damage and effects of sin present in our world. By God’s grace, we can find delight as we honor God and enjoy His good gifts. Our work has meaning because it’s part of God’s wise and perfect work. Christians can take comfort in knowing that the Lord knows best.

Meaning for Your Labor is intended to challenge both high schoolers and adults. This devotional includes the full text of Ecclesiastes from the English Standard Version.

Download a sample or order your copy today! Volume discounts are available if you wish to purchase copies for your teachers or church members.

Meaning for Your Labor
Meaning for Your Labor
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