The Heart of the Matter

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What do you really want to see happen in the lives of the young people in your school? Are you teaching to modify their behavior or to transform their hearts? The purpose of a Christian school is not to teach youth how to live—but to magnify the majesty of God. Christian school teachers are not behaviorists, but cardiologists. They teach, not only so students will achieve academic excellence, but also so students will have a heart for God and zeal to exalt His name.

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The Heart of the Matter offers . . .

  • A contrast of what God-Focused ministry is and is not
  • The four-fold emphasis of a God-Focus
  • The effects of a God-Focus
  • Helpful ideas on how to implement a God-Focus in your school

This book makes a great gift for your teachers, or a resource for your next teacher's in-service.

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